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Combine all your Belogex tools in one place. The Belogex Signals program is an individually customizable panel showing the status of all trading assets of your broker.

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Functional features

Indicator Lite
Indicator Pro
Traderoom )
Setting Stop Loss / Take Profit
Limitation of the trading system
Notifications from Indicator Lite and Pro
The strength of currency pairs
Transaction support
Code insertion
The Block constructor
Opening and closing orders
Risk management
Trading System Templates
Built-in indicators

Notifications from Indicator Lite and Pro

About the arrival of a trading signal can be configured both in the form of sound or text messages on the monitor screen, and in the form of Push notifications on a mobile device

The strength of currency pairs

is determined using the trend strength calculation algorithm built into the indicator, which uses data such as the direction of the change in value, the volume of transactions and the amount of change.

Another belogex products

BX Indicator Lite

The program allows you to combine the signals of several indicators into one, quickly develop multi-timeframe indicators using our user friendly interface and receive customized notifications about market events.

BX Indicator Pro

BX Indicator Pro is an advanced version of BX Indicator Lite, which allows you to use combinations of candlestick patterns as well as any existing indicators, including those with closed source code, when creating signals.

BX Traderoom

BX Traderoom allows traders to automate all aspects of any trading system without programming, test and analyze the results in a convenient interface, as well as receive real-time notifications about the work of the created robots.