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Indicator Lite

The program allows you to combine the signals of several indicators into one, quickly develop multi-timeframe indicators in a convenient interface, create templates and receive notifications.

Operating Systems

Supported by Windows 10 | 8 | 7

MetaTrader 4

Indicator Lite is fully compatible with MetaTrader 4

No trial and subscriptions. Free immediately and forever
Special for MetaTrader4
Built-in templates for profitable trading systems
Help and Support 24/7
System Templates

Create your own unique indicator in a few steps, using ready-made rules or creating your own.

Indicator Development

Create your own unique indicator in a few steps, using ready-made rules or creating your own.

Push and sound notifications in MT4

Create your own unique indicator in a few steps, using ready-made rules or creating your own.

More possibilities

  • testing on historical data
  • support and help
  • fast indicator operation

Points system

  • prioritization of each indicator
  • the ability to automatically calculate points

Signal Combination

  • connection of signals of several indicators
  • receiving a signal under specified conditions
  • unlimited number of possible combinations

Convenient interface

  • creation of unique indicators in a few clicks of the mouse
  • simplification of work with blocks
  • hot keys, indicator preview, integrated file system

Functional features

Indicator Lite
Indicator Pro
Traderoom )
Setting Stop Loss / Take Profit
Limitation of the trading system
Notifications from Indicator Lite and Pro
The strength of currency pairs
Transaction support
Code insertion
The Block constructor
Opening and closing orders
Risk management
Trading System Templates
Built-in indicators

Trading System Templates

Are ready-made settings for BX Indicator, which are based on such popular trading systems as 3 Elder screens, 3 ducks, 2 stochastics, etc., thanks to which a trader can understand the posibilites of the program or create his own settings.

Built-in indicators

Are classic indicators of traditional technical analysis (Stochastic, RSI, MACD, etc.), organized in the form of a set of blocks with the ability to fine-tune the parameters of both the indicators themselves (including the ability to select a timeframe) and all kinds of signals based on them.

Trader's testimonials

Thank you very much for the program. I figured it out quickly, templates of ready-made trading systems helped a lot; on their basis I made my own. I asked the team to add the ability to determine the direction of stochastic And, to my surprise, the next update has this feature. I can not believe it))) and most importantly-for FREE!!!
Natalia Lazarenko
Hello) I Recently began to use Belogex in their trade and are very happy. Thank you!! Really saves time. Especially pleased with the notification on the phone.
Vasily Litvinenko
Hello dears!!! today downloaded app))... there was no strategy, just a test. I confess that I am pleasantly surprised. Understood quickly, the interface is clear, the support responds quickly. Launched a built-in template ready in 5 minutes, it works, but you still have to analyze, still do not "money".
Andrew Peredery

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BX Indicator Pro is an advanced version of BX Indicator Lite, which allows you to use combinations of candlestick patterns as well as any existing indicators, including those with closed source code, when creating signals.

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Combine all Belogex tools in one place. BX Signals is a custom dashboard showing the status of all trading assets of your broker.

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